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What is Hair Injection?

One of the latest discoveries in wigs and hair pieces is in the way in which hair is attached to the base. While single knotting has been found to offer perfectly natural results and styling options, hair injection seems to be one step further than single knotting due to its absolutely undetectable finish.

Hair injection is when a few of the hairs in a hair piece or wig are inserted through a layer of polyurethane all at once. Polyurethane is a transparent fibre which allows for the wearers underlying scalp to be exposed, adding to how natural the wig will look in the end. The hairs that have been pushed in through the first layer of polyurethane are then trapped with a single layer of liquid form polyurethane. When this liquid layer has set, the hairs that were previously inserted are trapped between the two see through layers.

Using hair injection has been preferred over alternative methods as not only does it appear most natural, but the wearer of the wig or hair piece is able to style their new hair in any way, as it can be pulled back or worn down – hair injection creates the illusion of the hair growing directly from the scalp.

Hair injection has been favoured over single knotting as, while single knotting the hairs does give a natural appearance, hair injection uses no knots at all.

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