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Bespoke Systems

The London Hair Clinic prides itself on offering high-quality bespoke hair systems. Each individual client can have a hair system made from scratch to fit them perfectly. Our bespoke hair systems are a logical non-surgical hair replacement solution for those suffering from one of the many different forms of hair loss.

The hand-made bespoke hair system is made from material based on the clients individual needs and preferences. We use all the latest NSHR technology including materials like polyurethane, mono-filament, lace and polyguaze. All of these materials are lightweight, breathable, comfortable and undetectable. Advice on the properties and suitability of each different product can be obtained from our resident consultant (a qualified trichologist with many years experience in non-surgical hair replacement).

We ensure that the base fits the wearers scalp perfectly by taking a mould of the client's area of hair loss. Making the mould is a simple process where by a malleable plastic sheet is heated before being fitted around the client's hairline. The notion of having a mould taken might sound like a messy and time-consuming process to some, however the whole procedure takes no more than fifteen minutes and doesn't involve using any messy materials. From this mould a base for the hair system is produced to fit the contours of the client's head, so that when they wear the hair system it fits perfectly.

Clients are able to select exactly the kind if hair they would like used in their hair piece. For those favouring synthetic hair systems there is a range of colours covering all natural tones, made from kanekalon fibre. For bespoke human hair systems The London Hair Clinic has a library of untreated European hair to be made into the finest quality bespoke systems. Our consultant trichologist will take a hair sample and a description of the clients favoured hair type and match it to the perfect hair.

At the London Hair Clinic, only the highest quality hair is used. The European hair that goes into each bespoke system is virgin (untreated), and of the highest quality. The hair for each hair system is chosen based on a sample and description given by the client on the clients behalf by an experienced staff member. The ethical sourcing of the hair is an expensive and competitive procedure, and the production of the piece is time consuming and labour intensive. This results in a high quality, long-lasting piece and a natural appearance.

The European hair used in the bespoke systems is attached to the fine membrane using one of a number of methods. Each hair can be individually knotted (tiny undetectable knots are made at the join of the strands of hair and the base), meaning that maximum styling options and movement is allowed, and the knots are so small as to be undetectable. Hair can also be 'injected' into the base – in this technique the hair is inserted through a polyurethane base before a layer of liquid polyurethane covers the hairs and traps them in. With no knots what so ever, this technique also proves for an undetectable finish.

Investing in a bespoke hair system from the London Hair Clinic allows you a world full of advantages. Bespoke hair systems are all unique, and are therefore built to cater for each person's individual needs. Everything, from the colour and texture of the hair to it's density can be cherry-picked to each persons satisfaction, and the base – perfectly matched to the wearer's scalp – provides the ultimate in comfort and a natural appearance.


Asian hair bespoke pieces cose £650, where as European hair bespoke pieces cost £750. The price difference is due to the fact that asian hair is easier to source and, if it needs to be died to suit a Caucasian male, will be of reduced quality.


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