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Alopecia: Simply meaning hair loss - any type of hair loss is technically an Alopecia, including that caused by chemotherapy. Often you will not hear hair loss due to chemotherapy referred to as Alopecia however, as the word is often used to describe hair loss as an underlying condition. The causes of Alopecia are unknown.

Alopecia Areata: Believed to be an autoimmune disorder, Alopecia Areata is when hair loss occurs in patches, leaving bald areas.

Alopecia Totalis: This is when hair loss occurs over the whole head, not just in a certain area or in patches, leaving the sufferer completely bald.

Androgenetic Alopecia: Otherwise known as male pattern baldness (or female pattern baldness), this is when hair loss occurs on a large area across the top of the head. It rarely leads to Alopecia Totalis - instead it often leaves the sufferer with a 'bald pate' - a circle of hair loss at the crown of the head.

Autoimmune disorder: This is a disorder whereby the immune system fails to asess the difference between and antigen (a virus or cancerous cell) and healthy body tissue. It attacks the healthy tissue as though it were a foriegn and dangerous substance, causing which ever part of the body being targetted to stop functioning properly. In the case of Alopecia, healthy cells in the follicles of the hair are attacked.

Bespoke hair system: A hair system built soley for one person, made to fit them and designed for their needs and preferances.

Hair piece: A hair system that only covers part of the head, for someone with only partial hair loss.

Hair Replacement: Using surgery or a non-surgical hair system to replace hair that has been lost.

Hair System: A secure and non-damaging way of attatching aditional hair to the head to cover hair loss or simply to wear as an alternative to the natural hair beneath.

Hypoallergenic: Term used to describe something that does not cause allergies, or where the chances of it causing an allrgy has been reduced.

Integrated Hair System: A hair piece for people with partial hair loss. It differentiates from a normal hair piece in the way it is attatched. The wearer's hair is threaded through the lace mesh of the hair system's base, thus securing the edges of the hair system beneath the wearer's normal hair.

Kanekalon: A material used to make synthetic hair fibres. In apperance and texture it's properties are very similar to human hair.

Lace: A fabric that can be used to make the bases of hair systems. It's flexible, and therefore comfortable to wear.

Membrane: Another word for the base of the hair system.

Monofilement: A fabric used for making bases for hair systems. It's structure means that it can be used for detailed work easily. Monofilament is easily cleaned. It is a smooth, soft fabric. It's transparent.

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement: Hair replacement that does not require a surgical procedure. Hair is instead replaced using hair systems or wigs - they are attatched to the head temporarily using strong tape or clips, rather than being added into the head with surgery.

Partial Hair Loss: Hair loss that does not cover the whole of the head. Only patches or a certain area of the head suffer from hair loss.

Polyurethane: a fabric used for making bases for hair systems. It's extremely lightweight and durable.

Scalp Visibility: Meaning that the scalp can be seen through the hair, as it is when hair naturally grows on the head. The result is that the hair system looks like natural growing hair.

Single Hair, Single Knot: A technique where hairs are attatched to the base of a hair system.

Synthetic Hair: Synthetic hair has become more and more natural in appearance and texture, so where once it was unthinkable that synthetic hair could ever be mistaken for natural hair, it is not possible to create a synthetic hair system that rivals real human hair in appearance. The two best synthetic hair fibres are Cyberhair and Kanekalon. Both materials replicate human hair both in look and texture, and both materials are highly durable.

Trichologist: a professional (in the field of trichology) who specializes in hair and hair loss conditions.



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