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When it comes to a solution for hair loss, a common misconception is that the only way to achieve a full head of hair is by undergoing surgery. The London Hair Clinic, however, provides non-surgical hair replacement; a way of solving hair loss without the trauma and uncertainty of a surgical procedure. The latest technology in non-surgical hair replacement can solve the problem of hair loss without the pitfalls of surgery.

The London Hair Clinic understands that due to there being so many different forms of hair loss, each client requires a different kind of hair system. Partial hair pieces are available for those with partial hair loss, and full hair replacement systems are there for those with total hair loss (Alopecia Totalis) too. Clever solutions can even be found for Alopecia Areata, a hair loss condition whereby sections of hair fall out, leaving bald patches. At the London Hair Clinic there is a team of trichologists and experienced hair stylists who can help find the best solution for your hair loss.

There is a wide range of different hair solutions available, from low-priced synthetic hair pieces, ideal for temporary hair loss like that caused by chemotherapy, all the way up to the finest quality bespoke European hair pieces, made from the softest and strongest human hair on the market, and specially made to fit the wearers head precisely.

The hair pieces can be attached in a variety of different ways, and the stylist at the London Hair Clinic can advise on which is best depending on the type of hair loss and lifestyle. For instance, those with partial hair loss can opt to use clips to keep the hair piece firmly in place, where as someone with total hair loss can choose strong-hold tape for security of the hair piece. All of our stylists are well versed in the making, fitting and styling of a system, and can offer sound and clear advice and explanations on each of these methods (and much more).

The London Hair Clinic can produce bespoke hair systems, meaning that the wearer is in total control of what is used in terms of the base and the hair. There is the option of synthetic hair or human hair. The synthetic hair is in keeping with the latest technology (the recent creation of cyberhair, for instance, is something the London Hair Clinic has been quick to utilize). The human hair is sourced through our unique 'Hair Harvest' program, which is our way of ensuring all the hair we use is of the highest quality, unprocessed, and has been ethically sourced.

The London Hair Clinic prides itself on being able to offer a non-surgical solution to any and all hair loss. We keep a wide range of options available, and our staff are always available to provide help and advice, so that clients always walk away with the ideal piece for them.


The maximum you will pay for a men's hair piece is £750 – this is for a top quiality, European hair bespoke piece. Bespoke Asian hair pieces can be purchased for £650 (the reduction in price being down to ease of sourcing and the fact that and Caucasian male wishing to purchase an Asian hair system will need to have it treated, which will reduce the quality of the piece).

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